Autumn Apple Picking

Wow, that was a storm last night! We've been busy today collecting all apples that were knocked down by the rain and wind last night. The small navy and pink kaboodlebag is perfect for collecting the apples in as not only is it waterproof, it stands open meaning the kids has an open target to throw the apples into!

We are now going to spend the afternoon in the kitchen being warmed by the wood-burning stove and making apple pies with all the apples we have collected. Yum!

apple picking.JPG

Horse & Pony - Hay net & Grooming Kit

For all you Horse and Pony crazy people, the KaboodleBag is exactly what you need around the yard and to take to shows and events.  It is fantastic to take a wet hay net in your horse box or trailer,  it carries around grooming kit over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to hold and deal with your lovely horses.

Take a look!

Summer time...

Sorry guys! I know I haven't posted any updates in a while, things have been rather hectic around here!

I don’t know about you all, but we here at Kaboodlebag (ie me and the kids) have had an exciting time this summer!

Kaboodlebag was lucky enough to be asked to display a stall at the Wealden Times Summer Fair, where we were lucky enough to take this fab picture of one of our bags being put to good use!

Thanks to the great weather we've had this year, my flower garden has flourished, but so have the weeds. I don't know about you all, but I have found my large Turquoise & Lime Kaboodlebag is very useful for all the weed pulling I am doing. I have pulled four bags worth so far!

On one particularly warm day, we used a couple of bags for our trip to the beach! The large Turquoise & Lime Kaboodlebag was perfect to carry all the towels and our assorted beach stuff in, and the small Turquoise & Pink bag was just the right size to carry picnic bit and pieces in!


A tired visitor at the Wealdon Times fair

A tired visitor at the Wealdon Times fair

Kaboodlebag in use for gardening

Kaboodlebag in use for gardening

Large and small in use at the beach

Large and small in use at the beach

Hello World!!

KaboodleBag is your answer to all life’s wet and muddy things!

Designed and made in the UK, it’s uses are endless, both out doors or indoors… dripping wet suits, sailing lifejackets, beach bag, muddy rugby kit, wet canoeing clothes, muddy welly boots, storing pool toys, or even carrying your laundry.

KaboodleBag is a water resistant tub/bag that stays open when placed on the ground so you can see what is in it, turns into a funky bag when carried, then can be rolled up and tucked in the boot of your car, even the side of your washing machine, so takes up very little space.

It’s hard wearing, practical and fun!